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Saturday, August 20, 2011

2012 Honda Fireblade

It's the time of year the websphere starts getting fluttered dthth news, reviews, first impressions and most importantly and above all, spy captures next year's motorcycle releases. The first bomb to drop in this etherial environment is none other than the 2012 Honda Fireblade. There has been many anticipations for a completely revamped Honda Fireblade for the year 2012, but from the initial impression, it seems that most of the work done is mainly cosmetic. But at the same time, since no technical specs have been released, it would be real difficult to say anything about the engine internal at this point of time.

The bike does look gorgeous in these HRC colors, but at the same time, the "eye" section looks a bit overdone to me. With the new Headlamp and Air-Intake scoops, the front end design has recived the major work, which mainly looks an amalgamation of the 2007 and the 2008 front end design. The rest of the bike looks fairly un-changed.

Till the official specs and reviews are up, nothing can be said if the motor is the V4 inspired adaptation of the RC212V or if there's a Dual Clutch plonked in. So, till then, enjoy the eye candy to the fullest.

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  1. To me its the new "eye" design which I am liking.. it has given the bike the edge which was missing in the older version

  2. I was totally totally madly in love with the "eye" section of the 2007 Fireblade. The 2012 model has tried to bring that charisma back, but it has stretched it a bit too far to the corners. :)


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