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Monday, August 29, 2011

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250

So, for the year 2012, Kawasaki Motorcycles have decided to strop the "R" badge from the iconic 250. For the year 2012, we have the Kawasaki Ninja 250, sans the "R". With new colors, on the offering and no other additional features or changes (it still has the analog console screwed to it's dash), the new 2012 Ninja 250 would be dearer by $200 to the potential buyer's pocket. Based on US pricing, from the last year's price of $3,999, the base price of the 2012 Ninja 250 has been kept at $4,199 and the special Jhon Player Special edition would cause a dent of $4,449.

No specific reason has been released as to why the "R" badge has been removed or why there has been a price hike, but when there's a strong, very strong competition available in the face of the Honda CBR 250R, at a price tag of $3,999 for the Non C-ABS version, the price hike does not make much sense, more so, when the Ninja 250 is available in Carb and the Honda CBR 250R is Fuel-Injected. One possible reason for the removal of the "R" badge from the Ninja 250 might be an effort towards demarcating between it's flagship ZX portfolio from it's faired street bikes, like the Ninja 1000.

The three color options available are - Passion Red, Metallic Spark Black and Candy Lime Green.

It would be interesting to see if the 2012 is launched in India and if it does, then at what pricing.

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  1. That's a pretty steep price for a 250cc with carbs! But, then again everything is more expensive than it once was.

  2. I still don't understand the thought behind keeping the Ninja 250 in cabs in the States and still the price hike!!

  3. Hello buddy..:)
    I love this bike and i want it in India forever.
    The bike has best ergonomics for a beginner who wants to learn SBK.
    Thank You for the update.

    Saurabh Dwivedi

    1. your a cunt! u want the boke in India FOREVER? lol

    2. you're not your..... bike not boke...who's the cunt now? cunt

  4. Hey Saurabh,
    Long time man. You are absolutely right with the Ninja 250R. A true blue sports bike in all its rights.

  5. I believe the price is ok for japanese built bike. In Thailand, a Ninja 250R cost US$6000 compared to a Honda CBR250R costing US$4000.

  6. When is it launching in India ?
    I have been waiting for Ninja 250R 2012 to launch..

  7. Any updates about when Ninja 250R 2012 launching in India?


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