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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Claudio Castiglioni passes away at 63

Anyone who know about motorcycles, knows Claudio Castiglioni as man, as a genius, as motorcycle magnet, as a name, which inseparable from iconic motorcycles like the Ducati 916, the Ducati Monster, the MV Agusta F4 and now the MV Agusta F3. Unfortunately, the cruel claws of destiny snatched the legend amongst us today early morning in a clinic at Varese. 17th August, 2011, would always be remembered as the day when the global motorcycling fraternity lost a great mentor. It's a loss of unfathomable scale.

ThrottleQuest.com expresses the deepest condolences the grieving family. May God be with the family and the entire group who looked upon to Claudio as a guide, as a father and above all as a mentor.

RIP the legend of modern motorcycling - Claudio Castiglioni
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  1. Wish I got more of those offers, but, unfortunately, I get more "Where's you man at?" than anything else.

    So what are your thoughts on the new 1199?

  2. @girlryder

    Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment :)

    For the Ducati 1199, well, it's a radical concept and radical chassis architecture. The guys who tested it said, it's the scariest Ducati they have ever ridden and that also on a OEM 200 section rear. Guess the real picture would emerge only after the curtains are raised from it sometime in November.

    Till then fingers crossed :)


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