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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

KTM 125 - OEM but still Custom

As KTM is targeting more and more market shares with it's Duke range of motorcycles, the company seems to be leaving no stone unturned towards pleasing it's target customer group - the Youth.

KTM is offering OEM cosmetic mods in order to lure the youth (read restricted license European teenagers) towards the KTM Duke 125 and boy they are doing good with that, just look at the visual appeal of the LED strip on the tank section. At a time when the Indian manufacturers provide nothing except for the bone stock motorcycle and threatening you to void warranty with a single upgrade of a bolt, and the crippling after market availability ready to send you to an instant narcolepsy, such efforts from KTM is really innovative.

KTM is also offering a sticker kit for the KTM 125 providing the option of having some really neat graphics for the buyers. Seeing that the KTM would be launching the 2013 KTM 300 in the very highly competitive US markets too (if not the KTM 200), this is a pretty neat move to gauge the market swings. KTM is actually walking the talk and this brings all the good news to us, and the KTM 200 is just round the corner early next year.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi M B Gurung,

      KTM Power Part are now available at KTM stores.

  2. But Till today I don't see any Tank LED Strip at our KTM store at Siliguri.

  3. But till today I don't find Tank LED Strip at KTM Store at Siliguri,West Bengal.Pls Check

    1. Tank Strips are currently Euro only.... but soon they would arrive in India too.... most probably with the launch of Duke 350

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