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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mr. Iqbal - The official ThrottleQuest motorcycle adviser

What's the best thing that can happen to a biker? Getting a good escape from the daily commotion and escape into tranquility on your favorite set of wheel? Well, of course a big YES to that, but most importantly, in today's times when every tom, dick and harry claims to be a Valentino Rossi in his own rights, finding a motorcycle adviser and mechanic who really knows the business is the next best thing that can happen with a motorcyclist. ThrottleQuest.com has been lucky enough to get such a friend in the face of Mr. Iqbal, a humble motorcycle enthusiast, with a great mind and imagination, running a humble garage, but with immense potential and vision.

Based out at Pankha Road in New Delhi, Mr. Iqbal is a man who knows the machine inside out, with specialty being engine works and brakes. Trained by Yamaha, Escorts, Suzuki and Bajaj, he's a class apart in his act. When it comes to brakes, he's simply a magician with a wand. It's like God's hand at work. More so, Mr. Iqbal has been one of the pioneers in working on disc brakes, and he had disc brakes on his Yamahas (mainly RX100s and RD350s) at times, when the country didn't even knew about disc brakes. Working in his workshop and creating hand made aluminium discs, no one is better when you want to have a triple disc setup on your machine. Even though he can work on any motorcycle brand, Yamahas have remained close to his heart. Walk into his garage and you would be totally mesmerized with his work, specially working on creating Fi engines for even small capacity engines.

The prowess of Mr. Iqbal in his field can be judged by the fact that he has traveled countries like Malaysia as chief adviser of many colleges from the Delhi region to participate in the Green Challenge tours, working mainly on converting small capacity gas engines to zero-emission electric ones.

A dear friend next door, Mr. Iqbal is a person who always like to engage in a conversation if it's about bikes. Just chat with him for a couple of minutes and he's oozing with gratitude and friendliness.

Mr. Iqbal

Shail Auto Square
RZ-61 K/1, Bitto Market, Vashist Park (Opp. DESU Colony Turn, Janak Puri),
Sagar Pur, New Delhi - 110046

mobile : 9811211435
e-mail : sahilauto786@yahoo.com

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  1. Would love to check out his creations along with you when I come to NCR next time

  2. hello....i have a problem with my yamaha 150cc motorcycle. Everyday i am travelling about 44 kms and i am consuming 2bout 2 liters of gasoline.I tried to replace my carburator to the one used by 125 cc motorcycles but to no avail.Can you please advise me what to do.

  3. @czar,

    Low average can be due to multiple reasons. It would be very helpful if you could give me more details about your motorcycle, so that I can take it up with Mr. Iqbal, or even better if you live in the Delhi region, if you can directly contact him and get your bike thoroughly checked by him.

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