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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2012 Yamaha R1

Finally the news came. The 2012 Yamaha R1 has been finally revealed, just moments before the official announcement. Since it's last big update way back in 2009, the legendary motorcycle gets it's first upgrade in 3 years for the year 2012. So, what's new this time on the R1?
Yes, what you see above is what the 2012 Yamaha R1 is going to look like. From the amount of information that has been revealed about this beauty, for the year 2012 Yamaha is not in the race to join the Bhp war, but in my opinion Yamaha has made a very sensible move of making the oh so usable cross-plan crank shaft engine, a bit more usable and user friendly. For year 2012, the Yamaha R1 gets -
  • A seven stage traction control system (TCS) as standard. The new traction control system basically works through individual wheel sensors from the front and rear which identify wheel spin and adjusts the fuel injection, throttle opening and ignition timing in order to reduce engine power. This system is in addition to the 3 stage engine map modes. A very wise addition to the package indeed. The only two thing that comes to my mind is that, firstly how intrusive this is going to the be to the ride experience, and secondly the inclusion of the TCS would definitely add some kilos to the kerb wieght.
  • A remapped ECU for smoother power delivery and more meatier low and mid-range.
  • Moto-GP inspired top yoke
  • Redesigned exhaust heat sheild and end caps
  • Revised front lights
  • Lower fairing
The official details have been published. For more details please visit the official 2012 Yamaha YZF R1 website.
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  1. I wonder if we can ever fully exploit the current "bhp" output of these machines..

    to me "bhp war" at this level is all for bragging rights.

    In terms of looks the 2012 R1 is not that different from the older one

  2. Truely said man. The current quest of 200+ bhp on a liter engine looks like a mammoth effort of wasted resources. On a street bike, even expediting 160 bhp on the rear wheel would take some handsome effort unless and until you are solely using the bike for WSBK and weekend race track worships.

    The 2012 R1 has got some "nose job", but it's still very minimalistic and the entire body work remains more or less the same. The 7 stage TCS is a welcome addition though.


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