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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ducati 1199 Panigale

Ducati has finally come out officially on the 2012 Ducati 1199 and it's christened Panigale (being pronounced as Paan-ee-gha-lee). We all know that not only the Panigale marks a paradigm shift for Ducati and is the single handle most ambitious project for Ducati, but also it's going to be important milestone achieved in the race of being the apex predator out there, being on top of the food chain.

The Panigale has been in news since the time it's first spy pics went live on the internet and followed a torrent of spy pics and speculation and it was about time when Ducati wanted to go official about it and boy have they gone official.

Here's the official teaser -

We had quite a bit of idea as to how the bike's going to look like, we also know that it has an alluminium monocoque chassis and radical 112mm oversquare engine but we were certainly not sure of what the final specs gonna be!!

The next bomb was quickly dropped by HellforLeather, when they published the specs of the Panigale which apparently was published by an LA dealer. Just have a look and don't forget to close your mouth before it gets colonised by flys

Things are looking way too fast from here right now, and maybe it's the dawn of the King!!
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  1. A new frame in carbon fibre probably should be in the offing..

    In Moto GP Ducati though seems to be having a tough time with the chassis

  2. The MotoGP is completely baffling me these days, seeing someone like Rossi struggling even on the GP10 framework which Stoner used so so potently. It's really going beyond my comprehension now, that Rossi could not win even one single race this season!! He did better on the M1 when he joined Yamaha and people didn't knew much if anything like the M1 even existed.

    Not sure about the track and WSBK, but the Monocoque frame should do wonders on a street model.

  3. Ducati seems to be in a mode of experimentation. Hopefully the next season would be better for them.

    Had the monocoque been sucessful at Moto GP, Ducati would defnitely have quite a lot to talk about the new 1099.


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