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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gurgaon KTM

Well, the air is surely and positively spreading orange. With the announcement of the KTM Duke 200 national release being slated to 24th Jaunuary, 2012, Bajaj is surely picking up the pace for prepping up for the event. Earlier, there were news that the Pro-biking outlets in Pune and Bangalore being converted to KTM outlets, today, got the glimps of NCR getting the drift. Converting the Gurgaon Pro-biking to KTM, is in full swing, which only goes to tell that orange days are just around the corner.

The KTM Duke 200 would surely write a new chapter in the history of affordable performance motorcycling in India, where a single cylinder engine is tuned to blast out maximum from it's furnace and yet be reliable. Above all the KTM Duke 200 is packed with goodies that every "Desi Boy" dreams of. The only thing that remains to be seen is the reliability, fuel efficiency and build quality in real life.

There's no doubt that the India media is raves about the baby Duke, but real test of the Duke, and because it is designed to be so, is the real Indian road, amongst Indian weather and traffic condition, where the motorcycle would spending 95% of it's life. Will the Duke hold up against such un-forgiving odds... just remains to be seen.

Going by Bajaj's history, minus the Kawasaki, there have been initial glitches, but Bajaj has backed it's bikers very stongly, and the Pulsar 200 and the Pulsar 220 Fi are the biggest testimony of this fact.

So, come 24th January, 2012, the national capital would be witness what can become another revolution, courtesy Bajaj Auto Limited.

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  1. Payeng Dude,

    Yeah... visually "Aaa Gayee"... eagerly waiting to see the baby in flesh ;)


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