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Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Honda CBR 150R

Today Honda India officially launched the Honda CBR 150R, the lower sibling of the popular Honda CBR 250R. Long story short, Honda India, is basically tap the segment opened up by the Yamaha India R15, back in 2008, the performance segment of smaller capacity motocycles, using the genome of it's higher capacity platform, the Honda CBR 250R in this case.

Package wise, the CBR 150R is definitely a potent package and would be an instant hit, specially amongst Honda loyalists. It looks like a motorcycle built with an intent. Honda Motorcycles India has published all the required details one would need.
Like it's bigger sibling, the CBR 250R, the CBR 150R is more of a sports tourer, than being a potent track tool. At the same time, un-like it's bigger sibling, the CBR 150R, looks a tighter package and more proportionate along the lines.

The CBR 150R comes in two variants, the CBR 150R 2ID priced at Rs.117385 ex-showroom Delhi, and the CBR 150R ID priced at Rs.116384 ex-showroom Delhi. Not, sure what's the difference between the two variants, but what ever the difference is, it's demanding a Rs.1,000 premium.

The Honda CBR 150R has it's job cut out in this competitive segment, which has a long reigning king and that makes the challenge all the more interesting.
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  1. I've been repeating it everywhere,so here it is one more time,I personally am not in favour for the bike.It kills the exclusivity of its sibling and that does it for me..The R15 offers pretty much everything at a lower price point and the Duke is just 'awesome'.I don't find it favourable anywhere except for the fact that it looks better than the 250R. Honda has lost out on a prospective customer for the 250,that's for sure.Was planning on buying it, but this just kills it

    1. and that's exactly why I said that the Honda CBR150R has it's job cut out and the challenge is interesting for it ;)

  2. The CBR150R has a lot in its hands..

    on one hand it has to compete against the R15 which is a proven gem on the other hand it has to deal with CBR250R customer (like Srinidhi).

    Lets see what ultimately unfolds

    1. I'm really begining to feel for the CBR150R, poor thing has been forced into a really harsh competition... it's a real uphill task from the very first step. Sometimes, really tough challenges does not allow a product to unfold it's true colors, the slightest slip and the road ahead turns out to quite rough.

  3. Its an awesome machine. Can't say it kills the R15 or is below par for that matter.
    IMO, it shouldn't disappoint the 250R customers.
    After all, we don't see R1 riders complaining about its exclusivity when they see a fellow rider on an R6, do they?
    Back to topic, Ceeber 150R has a slight upper hand in the top end margin, pulls a li'l better from stand still, headlights and that's all.
    Cornering? R15 is more confidence inspiring.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views Divya. Well there's no qualms about the CBR 150 has all the genes needed for it to be an amazing product... but at the same time, it's pricing is a bit too flamboyant when we bring into picture the R15 V2.0 and the Duke.

      I'm really eager to hear from an owner as to how it fares in day to day commute given it's top end hungry engine.


Item Reviewed: 2012 Honda CBR 150R Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sajal
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