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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Arch Motorcycles

We all fondly know him as Mr. Anderson, we all loved him in movies like Speed, Matrix Triology, Chain Reactions, Constantine and many others. We all know that this is one Hollywood Super star who's always different in what ever he does. I'm referring to none other than Keanu Reeves.

Reeves' closeness with motorcycles is well known, but what's more interesting is the genre of motorcycle he loves. Rather than being an exotic freak, like say Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves is more into Standard Naked Roadsters, so no wonder his garage consists mainly of Nortons. Keanu took the next step towards his passion for Roadsters and joined hands with Gard Hollinger and formed Arch Motorcycle.

So, the next question which comes to my mind as a biker is, having passion about motorcycles is one thing, but trying to create a functional element like a motorcycle is a totally different ball game. It needs more than passion, it needs a level of madness to create something so unique and exquisite like a motorcycle. So, what's Arch Motorcycle's thought process about motorcycles.... well read on!!

Arch Motorcycle Company

When veteran motorcycle builder Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves met for a regular customization job for one of his motorcycles, they quickly realized that, though from a very different professional backgrounds, they shared a common, link - motorcycle. Soon, the customization job turned out to be a full fledged venture and Arch Motorcycle was incepted. Drawing boards, 3D models soon became a reality in 2011 in the form of the KR GT-1 prototype, a motorcycle which gave shape to Hollinger's and Reeves' vision of performance, comfort, technology and design.

The KR GT-1 prototype

The KR GT-1 is the result of five years of collaboration towards realising a common goal of creating a motorcycle which would not only be ride-able, but also be characterized by power, stability, agility, comfort and built without any compromise. The KR GT-1 prototype is currently in the industrial design process. Arch Motorcycle is targeting for an early 2013 production version testing of the KR GT-1.

The production of the motorcycle would be limited making ownership very exclusive and coveted experience.

Design wise, the KR GT-1 does look pretty radical oozing oodles of Roadster attitude and coming straight from a biker build off factory. The initial promotional video release of the motorcycle, featuring obviously Keanu Reeves playing with the motorcycle, show a rather interesting ignition sequence. There's no doubt that the KR GT-1 has immense road presence and true blue American motorcycle charm - grunty, loud and brash.

All in all the initiative of Arch Motorcycle looks pretty impressive and something coming straight out of the heart of two purists in motorcycling.

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