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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Next generation Yamaha R1

MotorcycleNews.com has dropped a bomb and a big one this time. The website has released spy pics of what appears to be the next generation Yamaha R1 in disguise of a 2008 Yamaha R6 body work. Even though, because of the very cleverly fitted body work, the pics might seem to be of a Yamaha R6 only, but a little closer looks suggests that there's way more than it's meeting the eyes here.

The details to look for -

1) The biggest clue is the humongous exhaust collector box positioned behind the engine and leading to the side mounted exhaust, which seems to be too big for the small 600cc motor.

2) Going by the positioning exhaust collector box, it seems that finally mass centralization would take the upper hand in Yamaha R1's design and that oomphy under tail exhaust would finally see getting replaced by side mounted stubby exhaust, thus taking another step toward getting close to the M1 genome.

3) The introduction of the side mounted exhaust and the exhaust collector box has also resulted in some contemporary adjustments to the chassis like the swingarm bracing moved above the swingarm and the rear shock mounting is also higher to make space for the exhaust collector box.

4) Say Good Bye to the twin Ram-Air ducts of the current crop of R1s. The new platform is again adopting the proven M1 performance oriented design cues by adopting a centrally positioned Ram-Air duct rather than the traditional side mounted twin Ram-Air ducts on current Yamaha R1s.

5) A closer look at the body work suggested that the traditional R6 body work has been tampered with either to create more space for better heat exchange or might be because the engine design has also been upgraded to make room for the exhaust collector box.

For the year 2012, Yamaha introduced 7 stage Traction Control on the R1 and with the new platform coming, I won't be too optimistic to hope that the Yamaha R1 finally sees ABS added to it's electronics package.

Fingers crossed and grin on face!!

News Source - MotorcycleNews.com
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  1. Yes! That will probably become the next game changer. Yamaha has not done something "big" in a very long time. The One was becoming hackneyed. And it is as they said, a luxury sedan kinda thing. But now, hopefully Yammy will take the litre class seriously as well.


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