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Monday, May 20, 2013

DC Designs - Gurgaon

In a nation where the masses are reluctant to spend on quality because they want the most quantity of every penny, most of us are left with un-fulfilled fantasies, especially when it comes to owning vehicles, be it our cars or our motorcycles. These un-fulfilled fantasies offers a huge, widespread – to an epidemic level, platform to the aftermarket or should I say the Modifications market.

In the barrage of outlets that they provide the “best in class” modification jobs and options, going after a good or even average for your vehicle would make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. This happens more so because as the end user, most of us are confused as to what exactly do we want in the name of a modification; all we know is we can get a deafening sound system rattling the windows of neighbours, unwanted HID, some flashy irrelevant dog-peeping-through-a-hole decals, stinking leatherette cover for the seat and an occasional exhaust muffler, which would promise to make your Alto sound like a Ferrari. That’s most of the so called “modifiers” would provide you and convince you that it’s still “best in class” while it remains borderline caricature!

When it comes to amalgamation of form, function, style and class to a Make Over rather than a Modification, one name that has proven its might all throughout the nation is – DC Design. I remember as a kid I saw a small TV Show when none other than Mr. Dilip Chabaria showed how he can transform a small Maruti Suzuki 800 into a two seater sports car (with of course the engine remaining the same, and why not, because 15-20 years back, even the tame Maruti Suzuki 800 packed some solid punch). As a kid I just couldn’t believe how could, anyone transform such a blunt design into something that would pop the eye balls out of their socket!

Today DC Designs have come a very long way and is  a name that commands a premium respect in the nation, when it comes to Four Wheeler Make Over, and this is what DC Design provides in true class. A quick visit to the DC Design Studio, Gurgaon was more than enough to convince team ThrottleQuest why DC Design commands so much respect.

Everything coming out of DC Design, the contours, the lines, the angles, the slashes, the curves, everything has a very distinct class to it. The attention given to details is back-breaking. Stupendous is the word I would choose to use here. It’s relatively easy to make an Indian care look like a foreign import, but it’s very difficult to imagine the level of comfort, features, style and class one might want to infuse in that design that would be really appreciated by the end-user because as I said, we as an end-user really don’t know what exactly do we want or even expect when someone says the words Class, Style, Comfort etc. Just to give a small hint, here’s what has been infused in a car that really made us feel weak on our knees –

  • Newly developed centre console with faux leather trim containing, fold out table, blower with directional air vent, glass holders, 230 & 12 V charging point, headphone jack, USB port & AC regulator.
  • Faux leather upholstery ( Optional – White / Red / Beige/ Dark Grey)
  • Full interior surface coating coordinated to vinyl /leather.
  • New all four doors clad with generous area of simulated teakwood finish with chrome & lit acrylic inserts.
  • Air craft style roof with twin reading lights & indirect lighting.
  • Powered co-driver seat with fore & aft movement  & height  adjustment
  • Powered recline to 140 ̊ of rear left passenger seat with fore & aft movement.
  • Chiller 7 ltr. With positive locking & accent lighting.
  • Rear seat arrangement twin buckets.
  • New colour coordinated carpeting & headlining
  • High end audio & video system.
  • 10” LCD housed behind driver seat.

So, if anyone is thinking that the list above has culminated, then this particular car had a custom matt black paint job, re-worked front grill and was shodded with 17” rims. That’s the level of attention that’s given to details at DC Designs. I couldn’t fathom that how can someone even think of including such features, that not only look good, but also has well defined purpose and is aimed towards providing a driving pleasure and comfort that’s class apart and is worth every penny.

Wait a sec, did I just use the word “penny”. I actually did!! So, how big a crater all the above inclusions would carve out of your bank balance. Here I would take a step back and confess that before yesterday’s visit we always thought that DC Designs is always for the elite class who don’t really care how much it’s going to cost, but they just want to have their rides made as exclusive as possible. We were proven so wrong yesterday. All the above features, facilities, comfort is included for just INR 3.5 lacs. It might sound a lot to start with, but when you factor the price, with the standard of quality that has been achieved, the intricate level of details that’s provided and that final driving pleasure that end user would be getting, INR 3.5 Lacs is a VERY GOOD PRICE.

To conclude, our impressions for DC Designs, we would say that ThrottleQuest.com has been primarily a Motorcycle specific undertaking, but it is effort like this as we saw at DC Designs, that made us believe that there are a lot of good folks out there in the Four Wheeled paradigm, who are doing a stupendous job and we as a Team of enthusiasts are totally WOWed by them and have the utmost respect for their talent, thought process, hard work and above all passion for what they are doing.

Special Thanks to Mr. Spandan Singh, Manager-Franchise Development at DC Designs Gurgaon, for being so friendly and courteous and giving us some very good insight about what makes DC Designs the phenomenon that it actually is.

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  1. For me, the duster mileage is Ok. Renault Dusteris a very safe car because my brother got an accident so badly but now brother is safe northing happened.


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