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Sunday, August 25, 2013

D.I.Y - Motorcycle Camera Mount - Part 1

The urge to mount a camera on a motorcycle in one way or the other, inevitably presents it self one time or the other. There are many motorcycle camera mount solutions that are available in the market or on-line, but majority of them are either for imported Super bikes or they are a bit on the pricier side (a Go-Pro HD would set you back by around 35k +). Above all, when it comes to camera mount solutions for Indian motorcycles, there's zilch availability. So, what do we do then, if we want document our rides and on a budget ?? Well, we improvise, make the best of what's readily available.

So, let's get our hand dirty with some D.I.Y. This time we would be presenting the D.I.Y as a two part series. In the first part, we would do something more generic, a solution, which would be applicable to most single piece handle bars (motorcycles and cycles equally) and crash guard etc. In it's next installment, we would try to see something around Gas Tank mount.

So, let's get started, shall we....

The ingredients

1) 2" PVC T connector
2) 2" PVC End cap
3) 1/4" bolt with nuts
4) PVC bonding solution
5) Couple of screw fastners
6) Drilling machine with 1/4" drill bit
7) Cutting tool

Total time taken for the D.I.Y : 15 mins
Total cost of the D.I.Y : Rs. 20

The procedure

Take the 2" PVC T connector, and cut it in along the the marker line.

Now drill a 1/4" hole in the 2" PVC end cap and put in the 1/4" bolt in. You might also want to apply some PVC bonding solution on the inside, to seal drilled hole properly.

Tighten bolt with a bolt as firmly as possible.

Now take a 1" piece of 2" dia pipe, put some PVC bonding solution, and put one end inside intact hole of the T connector and the other end inside the end cap to get the end like this -

This completes the basic setup.

Now in order to mount this setup on the handle bar or on the crash guard, take the remaining half piece of the T connector, put the setup on top of the handle bar, but the second half below it and tighten the setup using screw fasteners (don't forget to wrap some rubber padding before completing the job in order to add some cushioning). Use a second nut to tighten the camera in the desired direction and location and people it's done!!

The best part of this setup is that it's light weight, cheap and using PVC pieces gives us a lot of options for all kinds of Camera Mount setups.
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