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Sunday, August 4, 2013

D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shifter Shoe protector

Finding accessories for Indian motorcycles in India is pretty tough if you are not riding a Royal Enfield. The irony is, in some international markets where Indian motorcycles have presence, there are levels of accessories, which haven't been even conceptualized here in India. A clear cut case is the level of after market support Bajaj Pulsars enjoy in countries like Indonesia and Philippines is just amazing, but in India, Bajaj Pulsars and TVS Apaches are the most neglected motorcycles.

So, let's come to the point of this D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) post. Recently I bought some nice casual boots for myself after some intense deliberation. Like every contemporary motorcycle, the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS also has toe type shifter and the problem with toe type shifter is, it's not at a clear fondness of the toe of your shoe (what ever you are wearing for that matter). Riding boots have special provisional patch on them for the shifter, but again, that provision also gets stained and gives away in due course of time.

So, what did I do.... read on...

Main point of concern

There are two things on the motorcycle shifter assembly, which causes stains on the rider's shoes - the metal base of the shifter, which leaves it's stains and secondly the rubber padding of the shifter which accumulates dust, and since it's rubber, the does not get off easily and subsequently cause stains.

There are plenty of options available in the international markets which cater specifically to this issue, take a look -

Shift sock as it's called, it's a pretty effective and a simple solution, but unfortunately nothing of this sort is readily available here, so thus comes the entire effort of this D.I.Y

The raw materials
The things needed for this D.I.Y are pretty simple and straight forward -

1) A 1" dia plastic pipe around 10" in length
2) Scissor
3) Ties
4) Some cooking oil (I generally prefer Olive Oil, but who gives a damn what oil it is, as long as it's greasy, any oil would do)

Step 1 - Put some oil inside the pipe to lubricate it from inside so that it goes through the Shifter assembly smoothly. Mind you we don't want a loose fitting, we would rather want a tight fitting, but putting some lubrication would help the process putting the pipe through.

Step 2 - Push the pipe through the shifter assembly, right up to it's collar (till the right angled bend). Try to push the pipe so that at least 1" through the collar. This would ensure that pipe won't come off easily.

Step 3 - Now cut off the remaining pipe after leaving 1" off the toe shifter.

Step 4 - Split the remaining piece in middle.

Step 5 - Wrap this piece around the stem of the shifter and tie it with ties. This would ensure that no metal stains come from the stem of the shifter assembly.

This completes the basic job. Finishing can be given as per interest and need, like - the extra pipe at the end of the toe shifter can be heated to fuse together and seal, also, the end of the stem pipe can also be adjusted.

This should as last at least a hundred years, and the daily operating heat on this pipe would make it more tough and would allow it sit firmly in due course of time.

Make sure that you just rub the cover with a cloth before you start to ride and everything on the shoes should be as spanky as you want to be.

Happy Riding!!
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