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Sunday, October 27, 2013

2014 KTM RC 390 - The storm is coming

Just before the Milan motor show, the motor show which was supposed reveal the KTM RC 390, an Austrian storm has hit the on-line motorcycle community and the storm is coming our way... BIG TIME!! Early 26th October, 2013, motorcyclists around the world got the first spy pics of the production version of the 2014 KTM RC 390 and in a matter of seconds it became an Internet rage - and let me tell you people, this bike has all the rights to become a sensation

True to being a KTM pedigree, the RC 390 is straight from KISKA's design studio, with juicy lines, attention to details and vibrant sticker/color scheme. Some of the features which catch attention instantaneously are - 

1) Extended Orange Trellis frame.
2) No compromise Sports body work.
3) No compromise steering and triple clamp making it's intentions very clear.
4) RVM integrated front turn indicators.
5) Radical design for the dual front head lamps (I think those are projectors but not sure).
6) The under slung exhaust system is encapsulated by the body work.
7) Can't make out much of the pillion seat - either it's a cowl or a single piece rubberized seating fitment.
8) The tail lamp integrates well to the tail section and the KTM badge on the tail looks amazing.
9) Last but no way the least - ABS is standard.

Tech Specs

On the tech specs, the engine specs are exactly the same, including Bore x Stroke, Primary and Secondary gear ratios, peak Power and Torque numbers as the Duke 390. As a matter apart from chassis geometry and dimensions, pretty much all the remaining numbers are the same as the Duke 390.


From the first impressions (based on what can be seen on-line), the KTM RC 390 is a true blue sports motorcycle, unapologetic and track ready. It doesn't try to find the middle path of being sporty and comfortable like most of the offerings in it's class like the Yamaha R15 V2.0, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and CBR 250R (and now the 300R). It's happy being radical, tough and above all sporty. It might very well not be everybody's everyday motorcycle, but then, what ever part of riding would the RC390 be part of, the rider would not complain.

I would have personally liked the motor to be more on the shorter gear side than the Duke 390 and would have liked to have the engine spin a little faster, but going by the spec sheet, seems like that's not the case and therefore the engine tune would be the same as is with the Duke 390. Another bit of a damper comes in the form of the Fuel Tank capacity. With a top capacity of 10.1 liters, long runs can be an issue (nothing that cannot be improvised or sorted out, but still). Would have loved it to be in the range of at least 11-12 liters mark.

Once the motorcycle is unveiled in the Milan Motorcycle Show this November, and New Delhi Auto Expo next year (with the 125, 200 and 390 as confirmed by KTM CEO Stefan Pierer), we should expect this storm to hit KTM outlets throughout the country.

Etching to lay hands on this radical work of art and who know... bring it home :)

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