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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shiver - Sunday - Superbike

Well I love winters and riding in winters is a pleasure any time (except when I crash!!) and throw into the mix riding a Super bike and that to the Yamaha R1, if you are motorcyclist, you just can have a better Good Morning!!

All suited up, packed, crouched down on the tank and riding the R1, and feeling the buzz of the engine under you while the chill is tickling you from every possible open space it can find, is a very amazing feeling altogether. Speaking of amazing feeling - Mr. Krishnendu told me that when he came to our randevouz point, he covered a distance of roughly 15 odd kms, in a matter of 7 minutes, and covered the same distance going while back home in a matter of 9 minutes - How amazing is that!!

In all the Super bikes I've ridden till date, the Yamaha R1 is one motorcycle which "Demands" a lot of respect, be it weighing like an entire planet, be it that un-nerving acceleration, the old school handling, everything about R1 speaks of Legendary volumes. A quick spin around our Wise Man's test track was enough to bring smiles on our faces (while the Wise Man a.k.a Mr. Krishnendu Kes was riding the relatively puny Bajaj Pulsar 200NS, but boy was he going ballistic!!).

A quick chat about the latest trends in motorcycles, some old rides, some awesome mod jobs, what more a motorcyclist would want for a quick morning ride!!

May all weekends be like this :)
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