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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Auto Expo 2014 - Bajaj

No matter if we hate Bajaj (for what so ever reasons) or Love Bajaj (well the reasons in that case are many), if it's an Auto Expo, we all wait for Bajaj to bring up a show. Knowing Bajaj, they are one of the smartest players in business and know exactly how to stir up the atmosphere!!

Well coming straight to the point, what Bajaj gave all us enthusiasts this time may not be the biggest release in the Auto Expo Two Wheeler segment (there are others also and we would discuss those as the day progresses), but definitely, what Bajaj gave us packed in the most zest, enthusiasm, intrigue and above all - AWE!! Folks, Bajaj gave us the all new Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS (Super Sports) and the Bajaj Pulsar 400 CS (Cruiser Sports) concept. Alongside, Bajaj also showcased a small and interesting car, smartly named as "U", but then, let's talk about what we talk about here - the motorcycles.

Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS

Well the spy pics have been floating in the cyber space since ages and we basically, we all knew how and what it's gonna look like. Having said that, Trust me on what I'm going to Say Next - The Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS is a stunner in flesh, gorgeous curves and amazingly built. Nothing feels on this motorcycle less that premium. But then that's half of the story. The Bajaj Pulsar 400SS is a very cleverly designed motorcycle, aimed towards amalgamating form and functionality.

Take for example the way the Tail/Brake lamps have been implemented, the pilot lamps have been implemented, or that matter the grab rails - small things but yet so big when it comes to form and function.

On the fairing panel bits, well the scooped out design does look a tad bulky at the front half of the motorcycle and towards later half, it becomes more proportionate. I know the desi janta would tend to like it this way because over all, this design approach gives it a big bike feeling. What it also does is that, it also affects the weight distribution more towards the front, helping to get more purchase from the front end (since this is more of a tourer, that's one way to do it I would say).

The instrumentation is slightly different in the sense that now it shows more information than any of the previous pulsars (NS included) and ladies and gentlemen - it's a Blue light instrumentation cluster this time!!

The twin projector head lamps look damn good and functional too.

The Pulsar 400SS comes shodded with Metzelers with the same specs as that of the Duke 390.

Bajaj Pulsar 400 CS

Bajaj has always provided company to it's flagship Pulsars with an Avenger which basically shares the same engine platform. With the Pulsar 200NS, Bajaj basically went back to the drawing boards and built a new Pulsar from ground up. Avenger in the mean time (even though there's no denying that it's a great motorcycle in itself), started feeling a little left behind.

It was being rumoured for quite some time now that Bajaj might also be working on it's next cruiser platform and we might get to see something during the Auto Expo, and boy did Bajaj leave all of us awestrucked!! What we saw in front of us was purely a work of some high tech imagination and design work - the Pulsar 400 CS (Cruiser Sports)

The Pulsar 400 CS, shares it's engine platform with the Pulsar 400 SS. The design of the CS is nothing short of amazing. Every bit of the motorcycle - be it the console, the tank console, the body panel and yes the head lamp. One can't just have enough of looking at this stunner and feel satiated. On having a discussion with the Lead Designer of the Pulsar 400 CS, Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kalsi, we were told that the present form of the Pulsar 400 CS is a concept, but the design has been developed keeping in mind the various technologies and design aspects which can be put directly on road use, and the focus in on incorporation of better technologies and at competitive price points. One of the technologies Bajaj wants to tap is the usage of LED for lighting and as can be seen on CS, the entire Head Lamp assembly is basically a very carefully and intricately crafted LED cluster. So, the final production version of the motorcycle might see some changes, but mostly of the design aspects "should" see it through to production. So, really hoping that most Pulsar 400 CS concept makes it to Production, because boy are we happy see this platform.

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