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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Auto Expo 2014 - Renault India

Renault India has lineup that is not mindboggling.  They have just five cars; Scala, Pulse, Koleos, the hot selling and highly successful Duster and the stylish Fluence. However part of this lineup is quite impressive by becoming ubiquitous rapidly thus spreading wide the name of Renault, notably the Duster. After the utter failure of the Logan barely 6 years ago and the divorce with Mahindra has paved the way, hopefully for bigger things to come as is evident from the choice of their vehicle launches over the past couple of years and their emphatic presence in the 12th Auto Expo in New Delhi 2014.

No they did not launch any particularly fresher or newer models. However they made a strong presence showcasing their Concept vehicle, the KWID! This particular move from Renault speaks a lot because this is the first time ever that this concept has ever been showcased anywhere outside the European continent. In fact, it has not even been showcased in Paris!

Gilles Normand, Senior VP and Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Region, was talking about Renault’s plans and the importance of the Indian and Chinese markets. Excerpts from his interview…

On the Renault’s role in India:
Fifty percent of the Indian population is less than 25 years old! So this is a young and growing population which is very connected to the modern world and to the developments around the planet. They have a very high level of awareness and it is not a market that can be ignored anymore. This is clearly shown by the way Renault has researched the market and invested here and has been regularly launching vehicles in line with the demands of the consumer’s needs.

On the uniqueness of the Concept car showcasing in India:
Renault cannot afford to not showcase what Renault is capable of. This Auto Expo is among the top Expos in the world. Consumers are learning about their vehicles. It is a market that is selling close to 3 million vehicles. It is a huge market with massive growing demands.

Text and Image Courtesy : Krishnendu Kes (Ken)
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