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Friday, February 21, 2014

BLZ 3 Full Gauntlet Leather Gloves

Well, after much search and looking around for a pair of viable riding gloves, finally went for the BLZ 3 Full Gauntlet Leather Gloves.

The search was not for brand, type of gloves, fitment etc, but it was more because I wanted something good and something that I can afford at the same time. Really wanted to try Cramsters, but unfortunately, when I wanted to get them, they went out of stock (it has happened to me so many times that I'm really beginning to think that I'm a Cramster repellent!!). The online options where good, but had two problems from my stand point -

1) I cannot try them personally before going for a specific pair of gloves
2) The ones which I liked, costed a bomb!!

So, after the advice our from good old Senior Test Rider, Mr. Krishnendu Kes, finally visited KRP (Kaulsons Racing Products), New Delhi, today, and got myself these wonderful pair of gloves.

The build quality is quite good, with good knuckle protection and palm cushion. The carbon fibre knuckle and finger protection along with the full grain leather give a good feeling and the stitching is also nice. Fit and finish is good, with triple latch mechanism. Even though I would have liked a size larger than what I got (the Medium size was not available), but the Small size also fits me well. Once the gloves open up, it should get more comfy to put on.

Overall it's a good product for day to day use and even for track days. Would definitely recommend it to our readers.

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