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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SIAM Fighting Fakes - The Event

Today SIAM's Fighting Fake movement saw it's official inauguration. It's said that the most impact is made by the most humble of beginnings and therefore I'm hopeful that today's humble initiative is going to metamorphosise into a big movement and would have an immense impact.

Mr.R S Kalsi, Executive Director- Vehicle Dispatch, was kind enough to visit the SIAM Fighting Fake stall and personally answer the questions some of us were having.

TQ : Based only my study amongst common vehicle users, the primary reason that lures an end user to use a fake/local spare is the cost and availability. So, how can we help the end user here on both price point and availability aspects.

Mr. R S Kalsi : OEM spare are made to standards of quality, safety and performance. There's a definite price point in achieving those standards, so this motive of this movement is not to compete with the local manufacturers on price point because we don't compromise with the quality, safety and performance of the OEM spares. For the availability, well, we are working with various manufacturers to strengthen the supply chain in order to make sure that there's a better supply of spares and vis-a-vie availability of spares to the end users.

TQ : Is there any plans to educate the local dealers to support only original spares because the local dealers claim that they get bigger margins on local made spares and that's a big incentive for them.

Mr. R S Kalsi : Well as I said, we are not competing with the local spares market on price point, but yes, we are definitely charting out the plan to spread more awareness on the local market and dealer to use only OEM spares, because not only that's safe for the end user but that's the ethical way of doing business.

TQ : How important do feel is the role of Social Media in spreading awareness amongst the masses.

Mr. R S Kalsi : There's no denying that Social Media is a very powerful tool and it's reach amongst the common people is something that needs to be tapped to it's potential, because the more the awareness, more would be the impact of this initiative.

There's more to come as there's more to be done. Stay Tuned!!
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