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Monday, February 10, 2014

SIAM Fighting Fakes - the groovy side

Nothing brings the people of Delhi NCR together as a reason to dance and getting groovy, and SIAM has got of this trait very cleverly. In order to spread the message of Anti-Counterfeit movement and spread more awareness amongst the masses, SIAM had organised a dance show on 8th and 9th to get the attention of the visitors, and boy were they successful!! Here's the press release -

Dance Performances on ACG Theme exhilarates the crowd on Feb 8th & 9th , 2014 at Auto Expo – The Motor Show

The Entertainment Zone at the Auto Expo 2014 staged a high-octane, a professionally choreographed, crowd-pulling dance performance on 8th  February 2014. With 3 repeats on 8th February 2014 and 5 repeats on the 9th, thumping and reverberating on high-energy background music, the dancers forgathered on the stage dancing to a freestyle mix of Popping, Acrobatics & Bollywood.

The performance began with a skit in which a car that breaks down is replaced by “Jugaad” or Counterfeited part as not only the process is quick but the parts are cheaper. While the part is being replaced, the process is intervened by Original spare parts mechanics. They replace the “Jugaad” part with a GENUINE part for the safety and longer car life. 

The dance spreads the message of choosing only original Auto Parts. In addition to the dance, on 9th February  Rapper and Singer Rishi swayed the crowd with his songs. He also communicated the message of Be Genuine, Buy Genuine to the crowd.

In support to our message of Anti-Counterfeiting, the performers displayed  boards relaying the campaign message towards the end of the performance. Escalating the thrill of the dance performance, building up to the excitement of the performers, emcee Manoj Verma (popularly known as Maddy)  acted as the voice of the activity, communicating the essence of the ACG campaign- Be Genuine, Buy Genuine. 

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