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Saturday, February 1, 2014

SIAM Fighting Fakes - an initiative by SIAM

Over the past few years, India has emerged as one of the most promising markets for vehicles. Every two months, a new vehicle hits the roads in this country and with the growing number of vehicles, also has increased the buying capacity of the masses. Today we want the latest set of wheels (two or four) to adorn our garage. But then, the harsh reality is, getting the new set of wheels is the easy part of the equation. Living with a vehicle is an entirely different proposition.

Today's vehicles are becoming far more sophisticated that what they used to be, say as less as two years back. Today's vehicles demand much more care, know how and proper maintenance than what vehicles used to need some time back, and that's exactly where and when a very ugly truth and practice comes forward - the practice of going for Counterfeited parts. Counterfeited parts not only affect the performance and longevity of your vehicle but they are a potential threat to the owner's life too, and it's exactly for this reason, we need more and more awareness amongst the masses who use one or the other vehicle on a daily basis, and that's why SIAM's (Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers) Anti Counterfeiting Group - ACG gains importance, and the first step in that direction is the SIAM Fighting Fake website.

The SIAM Fighting Fake is a very simple but yet effectively made website which aims at providing more and more awareness amongst the masses on the risks and disadvantages associated around the usage of counterfeited spare parts in our vehicles. In order to make the mission more effective, the website encourages the visitors to participate more and more through it's Campaign, Blog and Survey sections. In order to make sure that every common vehicle user is able to relate with the ACG initiative, ACG has chose Mohan the Mechanic as their mascot for the initiative. 

Mohan is the face of every genuine and experience mechanic that we interact with at authorised service centres.

We strongly feel that such a mission should get all the support that it can get not only from us the End Users, but also from Manufacturers, by employing properly trained technicians at their service centres who can properly partner with the customers, understand them and their needs and expectations and educate them on what's best for their vehicles. This partnering is one thing which we have seen lacking in most of the service centres, be it a four wheeler or a two wheeler service centre, but then where this partnering happens, the results are tremendous.

ThrottleQuest.com is proud be a part of this initiative and would urge our readers to be a part of this initiative and together we can ensure that our vehicles get the best that they deserve and ensure that better ownership experience.
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