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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Good Road Initiative

Well we don't listen to a simple message, even though it's regarding our own safety, unless and until, there's some kind of compulsion, penalty or consequence of non-adherence attached to it. The simple notion of understanding a message in it's simplicity just doesn't work with us - genetically so to speak.

Therefore, even a small and most elementary act of having the helmet on needs a national campaign of publicity, law enforcement and penalization so that we get more educated about the safety of our own head. But then we are so damn adamant to kill ourselves, that instead of getting a helmet which is at least ISI marked, we choose get those cheap 200 bucks helmet just to save the fine and then boast about it that "Well in India helmet is used just to avoid fine" - well I would request no would tell that to the rider's weeping family when the rider is dead, drowned in his/her pool of blood oozing out of his/her head.

The Good Road Initiative takes the next step. Makes the having a helmet on even to be able to ride a motorcycle. How ?? Well watch it for yourself

As part of the ThrottleQuest.com team, we are committed to make this country a better place to ride motorcycles, and we can't do that alone. Initiatives like the Good Road are the right steps in the right direction to infuse that change in mentality, understanding, behaviour and above all getting more concious about our own safety.

Show your support to this movement at the The Good Road Initiative.
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  1. excellent initiative this is but sadly our citizens are much more "smart" than this smart helmet


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