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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Compressed Fuel Cost with Compressed Fuel

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas, I am not very sure what the technical meaning of compressed here but using CNG as fuel to run my car has Compressed my monthly running cost to a great extent.
I bought a Maruti Suzuki Ritz Lxi, petrol back in 2010. Number of people suggested me to opt for a diesel variant but I decided otherwise with my own logic that my limited running doesn’t warrant for a diesel. Apart from that substantial incremental cost of procuring a diesel variant was a factor for deciding on petrol but as it is said every decision is a wrong decision. This one also proved to be one.  I hardly used my car for intial 1.5 years due to tremendously high running cost; the mileage done was as low as 4500 kms. I was in a dilemma, what to do? How to get out of this soup? The answer was natural, natural gas, COMPRESSED natural gas, popularly known as CNG.

After a lot of research on internet I located a installer in South Delhi, I opted for a Venturi kit which is relatively cheaper compared to advanced but expensive sequential kit.  One time hit on pocket was 30,000 Rs but this paved way for years of saving.

Currently my cars odometer reads at 59,300 kms, here is approximate calculation of the savings I have done on running my car on the CNG.

The calculation is based on following parameters:
1, Average Petrol Price is considered as 65 Rs.
2, Average CNG price is considered as 30 Rs.
3, Assumed fuel efficiency of running on petrol is considered as 15 KMPL.
4, Fuel efficiency of running on CNG is considered as 18 KMPG.

Total Running after CNG kit Installation
55,000 Kms
Assumed Fuel Consumption on Petrol
3,667 Ltrs.
Fuel cost of running on petrol
2,38,333 Rs.
Fuel Consumption on CNG
3,056 Kgs.
Fuel cost of running on CNG
91,667 Rs.
Approximate Savings
1,46,667 Rs.

So as you can see I saved almost 1, 50,000 Rs running my car on CNG, this money is good enough to get me decent 200+ cc bike.

PS: I recently picked up a CBR250 J.

Text By : Spandan Singh
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