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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Project Harley-Davidson

The clock is ticking on the Project Harley-Davidson website, and something very radical is going to be showcased.

We believe should be the most radical and un-Harley Harley-Davidson - the LiveWire

The Harley-Davidson Livewire is a concept motorcycle and a first of it's kind from the manufacturer. Powered by a 3-phase induction motor, the Livewire churns out a healthy 74 bhp of peak performance  and 70.50Nm of peak torque.

Design wise, the Livewire looks very un-Harleyish Harley. Say for example the chunky frame, the rear-set, the swing-arm, they are all different than any Harley that we have seen till date.

Being an electric motorcycle, the Livewire is estimated to give 80ish odd kilometers to a full charge comprising of both City and Highway riding. True performance numbers are not known yet and the reveal some 3 hours from now should tell us something about it.

Just think about it, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, that's minus the thump and the roar. One of the most sorted after upgrades that most of the Harley owners do to their beloved motorcycle is to get it at least a Screaming Eagle, Heavy Breather and the Fuel pack so that it Roars and Goes and makes sure it makes a serious statement while it goes. Now about the Livewire then!! Some paradigm change eh!!

We are really hoping that it turns out to be the Livewire, because like it or now, the future is Green and Electrifying!!

Text by: Sajal
Image Courtesy: Miscelleneous
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  1. Design wise, reminds me of DUCATI Diavel. Very futuristic concept from HD ! HoGs will trash this bike though for sure.


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