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Monday, July 14, 2014

Triumph Thunderbird Storm - First Impressions

When a 1699CC parallel twin comes knocking at your door in the afternoon, you can see the skies darkening and you know for sure that there is a "Storm" brewing! ;) Matt black, massive tank of 22 litres with all the instrumentation sitting on it, showing ABS, N light, trip metres and yes it has a tacho too that has a needle that runs the other way; black engine block with lots of chrome fins that make it look like it is aircooled, but hey, this is liquid cooled. The seating is very comfortable with a good solid wide handlebar that inspires confidence. As I started the engine, the sound is fabulous, something similar to the Roadking. Yes the inevitable likeness and parallels to be drawn to the Harleys of the world are ineluctable. After all, this was designed and built to compete and beat the Harleys right?

Yes, I started the bike. The sound is truly awesome. I let the engine settle. Then I engaged gear and rode off... what I did next with the 156Nm of torque is coming up soon!

Stay tuned to more from us at throttlequest.com as we take you on test rides with us with some of the best state of the art motorcycles that are available on the planet today!

Text and Images: Krishnendu Kes

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  1. Hi

    It will be great to read an Indian Storm review from an Xbhp member. I remember reading your thread on living with your black R1 in India, and do you still have it.

    I am considering buying this bike soon and while my local Chennai dealer doesnt have a bike for test ride. Hence I would like to request you to please mention in your review about the ground clearance ( for two up riding) and cornering clearance ( while spirited solo riding). I have found on other sources that ground clearance is 140 mm but due to the long wheelbase and low centre of gravity i am more worried about damaging the exhaust header pipes or other parts of the under chassis, since I live in a part of Chennai where there are huge speed breakers every 200 metres and that too main arterial roads and avoiding the speed breakers is inevitable.

    1. The exhaust and the catcon is made of very robust metal. You will not have any issues. Just be a little careful. Do not try to bust it! :) I have done R1 in many many parts of India, solo and two up. No issues really. I have two major speed breakers just getting out of the colony. 8 years, no issues. Over half a lac kilometres too. :) Just get it and ride it! :)

    2. Hi Ken

      Thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated. It seems speed bumps are inevitable in India. I definitely agree with you that if one can own a unique bike from the sea of commuters then one should go ahead and buy their ride and not be put off by our road conditions, infrastructure and even the societal mindset.

      People like yourself and this blog gives us bikers more confidence to make the transition to bigger bikes as everywhere I have only experienced negativity and skepticism on buying a bike which costs as much as Triumph Storm. Not to mention the free gyaan that is given by friends, family, relatives etc. I am not sure why bikers wanting to buy a big bike are almost treated like criminals in a strong sense of the word. Everybody around you is of the opinion that they know better than you.

      One hundred thousand kilometres plus in 8 years on an r1 is unbelievable and a great inspiration for me.

      I will buy the bike once the dealer can arrange a test ride soon as Triumph chennai is more supportive than suzuki chennai who just laughed at the idea of a test drive for the intruder 1800. I think Triumph might request a test drive from one of the owners who might be willing.

      Heres to wishing you and r1 and the website the very best and for years to come. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your works. Cheers, Sudarshan.

    3. Thank you Sudarshan Snookersan! :) Good to hear from serious bikers like you who pursue their passions. Just go ahead and buy the steed of your choice. You will thoroughly enjoy. :) That is what motorcycling is all about. Go get your ride and enjoy it. And while you are enjoying, the world can watch in awe! :)

      All the best to you. And keep writing to us whenever you feel like. We appreciate these communications. :)


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