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Friday, August 1, 2014

TQ News : KTM plans for 2017 MotoGP

Well this is BIG!! KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has confirmed that KTM would be there at the 2017 MotoGP with the, hold your breath - 1000cc V4 KTM RC16. In an interview with the SpeedWeek.com, Mr. Stefan Pierer confirmed that KTM would drive 2017 MotoGP.

Here's the exerpt from the interview (courtesy SpeedWeek.com)

Mr. Pierer, as it has come to this change of opinion?
It is well known that the security discussion in the motorcycle industry and in each individual European country increases insane. Due to the nice weather and the many fatal accidents last spring, these discussions have intensified. Manufacturers are under massive pressure. In the EU in Brussels is considering whether to introduce certain performance limitations. There are even considerations to ban the so-called Superbikes at all. This is discussed openly. course we at KTM in our product range in addition to the now really super successful segment Adventure / Super Duke still an old, graying model that is the RC8, the need for a successor.Everyone was asking: What now? When is he coming? 

So we decided: Yes, we make a successor, he is glad RC16. We take responsibility as a manufacturer and say such a thing does not belong on the road. Everything that is beyond 200 hp, has no place in public transport., we make a new Superbike. And the specification is relatively simple, it corresponds to the MotoGP regulations of 2016, so 1000 cc. but the KTM RC16 will be for sale for anyone interested. For the series project is already started with us. 

And how are the stakes will be handled in the MotoGP World Championship?
With the new regulations, a similar situation will arise in MotoGP, as we now find in the Moto3 World Championship. I think it will be a fair approach. 

I think what concerns the themes engine, chassis and mechanics, we can keep up. We have demonstrated in the Moto3. MotoGP is the logical next step for us. And the market is waiting.

We want to offer our concept and the normal consumer, so the racing-for-Fun-pilot.

What is the schedule?
We will be in May 2015 have the V4 engine to the test. The first roll-out of the RC16 model is planned for fall 2015. 2016 we will use for the final development throughout the year. The end of 2016 it will be available. May be 2016 already contested first wildcard race in the fall, which is our timeline. For 2016 we need a quick test driver. KTM In the house we have already announced our plans. In the media has not. 
It is a series project, but only for closed racetracks, not for road use. I assume that some of MotoGP teams will report who wish to contest the 2017 World Cup with our motorcycles. We will build it as in the Moto3 tubular steel frame. We believe that it is also superior in MotoGP. We are also our own WP Suspension bring to use, with which we have now won already in the Moto2 World Championship. For 2015, upgrade to WP also expected to Marc VDS Racing with Rabat and Kallio, there have already been testing.

What numbers can be expected with such a production project?
We know myself yet exactly. In Moto3 70 to 80 machines come together in the year. I would imagine that we could sell up to 100 RC16-copies a year. There are many freaks. Perhaps there are also a few hundred buyers. We want to offer an extremely good price. How different are the specifications for the factory MotoGP machines and the RC16 will be for the recreational rider, we have not yet defined.

In what order of magnitude the price of the commercially available RC16 will be?
Thus, a commercially available racing motorcycle for "closed course racing" may cost a maximum of 150,000 to 200,000 euros. It will be just as suitable for hobbyists and professionals alike. 
The homologated Superbikes yes the runs are getting bigger. Euro 4 and so on. All these stories are so counterproductive for racing. demontierst If you are all that, you have a bike that is broken after five rounds.

In MotoGP KTM will not form a factory team, but only sell motorcycles?
Yes, we will proceed similarly as in the Moto3. We are looking for interested teams.

What material costs a KTM customer team 2017, likely for a driver? A Honda customer team as LCR needs today 3 to 3.5 million in material costs per driver per season.
I think Dorna wants the cost in 2016 will be a million. that will be our goal. But we have not yet calculated the cost. But our proven team is already busy with the design. Ing Kurt instinct, which built the Moto3 engine will construct the V4 engine.

The first MotoGP participation by KTM in 2005 failed. The engine was too toxic, the electronics did not meet the requirements, Team Roberts had no sponsors and with Byrne and McWilliams not the strongest rider.What lessons have been learned from this failed project?

Kurt engine and many of our engineers have learned a lot. Peak power is not everything in motorcycling. The drivability is the theme you are moving a lot in the partial load range. was then that the team structure did not fit, we were still inexperienced. We later demonstrated in the IDM Superbike with the RC8 old, that we have the driveability is now under control. These are now our strengths. On the engine side, we have learned a lot in the last ten years. we will not go in, work itself in the MotoGP World Championship, but we would like to cooperate with reputable teams, how we do it in the Moto3 World Championship. Of course we would like to look for a team as a development partner, as we did with Aki Ajo in Moto3. That is a kind of unofficial works team, where even many light a driver gives the material free of charge. But we will supply all the teams identical material, also we have lead by example in the Moto3. Otherwise Maverick Viñales 2013 would not become world champion in a customer team as Calvo. Again this year, we deliver the Sky team of Valentino Rossi for Fenati identical material. we will best assist and equivalent to all the teams in the MotoGP World Championship.

Could Stefan Bradl then in 2017 part of the KTM MotoGP project?
Clear. Germany is the main market in Europe. And we need 2016 a quick test driver that determines the benchmark. If he has Honda experience, the better.

Seeing the success KTM has enjoyed in the 125cc Moto3 category, a V4 RC16 sounds pretty exciting, and if that serves as a platform for the next generation Superbike from KTM replacing the RC8, well, we are speechless already!!
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