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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Fastest Pulsar Yet!!

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The Bajaj Official Website has been updated with a teaser pic of the next fully clad Pulsar. Well we all kinda know what it's going to be, having seeing like a zillion spy shots and seen the Pulsar 400SS at the 2014 Auto Expo, but then, it's always good to have teasers, it keep the interest going on a known story.

So, guys and gals, behold the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 (yeah it might be the 200 first and then 400 later going by the launch history of the Pulsar 200 and the Pulsar 220).

Bajaj Pulsar RS200??!!!
Yeah I know, there was a lot of ho hum around the SS badge and stuff, but c'mmon guys, we all like a little drama here and there, some fun around, and playing with names is the best of the way to create that drama, specially for the fanboys around - "You know what pal, I have the Pulsar RS200 ... brownie bragging points eh!!"

All said and done, the Pulsars have been the life line of the power hungry janta here, who are on a tight budget. I myself own the Pulsar 200NS, and needless to say, I kinda like it for being the bare minimum of a proper implementation of an Indian Street Fighter motorcycle, which not only looks good, but also handles like a charm and goes like a dream.

If at all this is going to be the Pulsar RS200 (or 200SS or what ever), I have my doubts for it being the fastest Pulsar yet. If it's going to the Pulsar RS400 (or 400SS or what ever), then yes, it would be a different story. Why I have my doubts? Well look at the Duke and the RC siblings, straight line drags, the Dukes still haul butts of the RCs (no offence, but then ground realities are kinda funny!!). Think about at least 4-5 extra kilos on that same Pulsar engine (if Bajaj is keeping the engine and the gear configurations same for the 200cc mill). Better aerodynamics and front bias weight distribution, but more weight overall!! Vibes and stuff.. eh..later pal, not now!!

RS or SS, Pulsars would remain the legends they are, and we are eager to test ride these ponies around.

Stay tuned. 
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