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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Valentino Rossi's suit for sale (one careful owner!)

“You love your suit because it must protect you those times – better if just a few – when you fall,” says Dainese’s most high-profile suit wearer, Valentino Rossi. “To have a Dainese suit was a dream, because only the best and most famous drivers had one. For me wearing the first Dainese suit was a great gift”.

Valentino has been wearing Dainese for over twenty years now, during which time he will have witnessed the incredible advances in rider protection first hand (and sometimes knee, arse, and elbow first).
Valentino Rossi doesn't crash very much, but something he does even less is let his riding kit be sold.

The living legend of MotoGP has it in his deal with Dainese that every crashed suit is replaced, not repaired like other sponsored racers, and his suits usually stay with him personally or in Dainese's archive at their factory in Italy.

But this crash in practice at the 2005 Sachsenring GP represents the convergence of two rarities - a Rossi crash and a Rossi kit sale. Rossi donated the leathers to be sold in aid of charity at the end of that season, and the buyer was able to get the gloves and boots at the same time.
Now the buyer is putting all three back up for sale - leathers, boots and gloves - and is looking for offers in excess of £35,000 for the lot. If you've got that sort of money lying around and want to make a serious offer, you need this email address... info@georgebeale.co.uk.
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