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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Royal Enfield's New Flagship Store at Khan Market, New Delhi

RE recently launched what they refer to as a flagship store here at No. 31A Khan Market, New Delhi. 

In this store, expect on sale Royal Enfield's new range of gear and preview limited edition motorcycles inspired by World War-Era despatch riders.  

They are using #REGearStore #KhanMarket to talk on social about the Launch. 

From their recent press release - 

The Heritage

A historical marque needs a historical marquee. We found the perfect location to house Royal Enfield’s flagship store in New Delhi’s iconic and best known retail space of Khan Market in what formerly was one of Lutyens Delhi’s iconic landmarks—Chona’s Restaurant, which in turn was birthed from India’s first ice-cream parlour-- CarryHom Ice-Cream in 1952. 

Post-Partition, many of the refugees who left Pakistan found a new home in Delhi. Between 1941 and 1951, the city’s population nearly doubled to around 1.7 million people. This influx of people redefined the city’s topography and its commercial life. New neighbourhoods were built to house them; giving rise to most of what is present-day south and west Delhi. The land, on which Khan Market is currently built, was originally allocated as seed land to immigrants from Pakistan in 1947. Four years later, a two-floor market complex with a U-shaped design was up and ready to be occupied. The original structure had 154 shops on the ground floor while the second floor consisted of 74 flats to house the shopkeepers. The complex was named Khan Market after Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan, brother of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, by the first shopkeepers as an appreciation of his efforts in helping them migrate to India safely during the Partition. From its humble beginnings, Khan Market today rules the retail roost as Delhi’s most refined shopping space and is consistently ranked among the most expensive retail real estate in the world. 

The flagship store at Khan Market is built around the core values of Royal Enfield: timelessness, 
craftsmanship and an unadulterated love for motorcycling. The store is handcrafted from with materials that age gracefully with time--brass, leather, timber, and mild steel. The new Royal Enfield range of motorcycling gear and merchandise build on this and carry forward the company’s impeccable attention to detail. 

Despatch Riders

The store features an interesting visual merchandising format and innovative product displays, which 
include the use of bits and bobs from Royal Enfield motorcycles and photo frames that speak of the 
Royal Enfield heritage. A full-blown wall display of a stripped-down Continental GT showcasing the 
bike’s internals and frame depicts machine love where the rider derives sensorial joy through tactile 
interplay with his motorcycle. The space has been designed not just as a point of purchase but as a 
meeting point for enthusiasts and for conversations around motorcycling.

Visitors to the Royal Enfield store at Khan Market will find the limited–edition ‘Despatch’ range of 
clothing; inspired by the fearless motorcycle riders of the World Wars. Inspired by the kit they lived in, the Royal Enfield apparel collection blends heritage with modern materials. A palette of browns, greens, olive, tan and blues is paired with classic regimental detailing - epaulettes, plackets and gorget patches. 

Fabrics such as leather, twill and canvas have been chosen for their utility. Despatch Riders always had a special, slightly maverick image in the hierarchy of the Armed Forces as they rode across battlefields risking mines, gunfire and capture to accomplish dangerous missions on all manner of roads. They would often ride for long days and nights to deliver messages and orders from the headquarters to the military units engaged in battle. According to a 1944 article in Motorcyclist magazine, “Reliability, not speed, is the first essential, though a turn of speed may be necessary at times to keep to schedule.”

The Royal Enfield Despatch stays true to its legendary characteristics of handcrafting.

Uploaded are a few photos by fans of the brand and not clicked by ThrottleQuest. Standby for more coverage on the store when we get a chance to visit. 

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