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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Japan spec Honda RC213V-S to make 70 hp!!!

When Honda announced a road going replica of it's MotoGP platform in the form of the RC213V-S, we were elated to the core. Having seen what the production version of the Ducati Desmosedici RR was back in 2007-08, the expectations from the RC213V-S were stratospheric, to say the least. But then, the big bomb exploded - the news came out that the US spec RC213V-S would be 101 hp, which is less than the Super Sports segment currently blasting public tarmac, and if you think that's way too less, then hear this - The Japan spec Honda RC213V-S is slated to make, and I say this with fuzzy fingers - 70 hp!!

Honda RC213V-S

I mean, seriously!!! £137,000 for a 70 hp machine producing less top bang than the parallel twin Yamaha MT-07!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot, after paying £137,000 for the 70 hp, you can may some more monies and get yourself a track only kit which would take the power numbers straight to 215 hp (Yes now we are talking numbers).

All I can say, is this is a funny word, with funny moves at funny price 

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