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Thursday, July 30, 2015

2016 Victory Cruiser Line-Up Previewed - Photo Gallery

Victory has planned a 5-bike offer for the cruiser segment in 2016, and the list comprises the Vegas, its blacked-out 8-Ball version, Gunner, High-Ball and the Hammer S.
All these machines, like pretty much the entire Victory range, are powered by the Freedom V-twin air-cooled 106-cubic inch (1,737cc) engine mated to a 6-speed overdrive gearbox with a torque compensator.

While these machines are indeed sold for different prices, they represent variations of the same platform. The differences between these models are mainly in terms of color schemes, solo or two-up seats, tire width choice and rim design.

The Vegas and Vegas 8-Ball retain a chopper-inspired skinnier front wheel. Both models come with Falchion rims that exude an intricate contrast cut design harking back to the pro-street custom projects. The lines of the teardrop tank smoothly flow into the low seat, while the forward foot controls and the pull-back bars provide a classic cruiser riding stance. Obviously, the 8-Ball trim introduces an all-black livery, a feature that can be met throughout the entire Victory range.

Victory likes any color as long as it’s black
The 2016 Gunner and High-Ball have a beefed-up front wheel and shorter accompanying fenders that introduce a dash of bobber DNA. The Gunner brings stylish modern, 24-spoke cast wheels, whereas the High-Ball is easy to spot thanks to its apehanger bars and whitewalls. The rims have sport classic wire spokes, and a matching white paint accent can be seen on the sides of the tank.

The 2016 Victory Gunner comes in two color choices, Suede Titanium Metallic with Black and Suede Green Metallic with Black.

Hammer S is the top Victory cruiser, arriving in 2016 in a combination of black and red racing stripes, with a front wheel that slots between the chopper and bobber styles, dual front brake rotors, and a massive 250mm-wide rear tire.

It’s cool to see Victory offering the 2016 cruisers with black wheels and engines, black engine cases and all-black exhausts systems and headlights, and keeping chrome at bay. The cheapest is the Vegas 8-Ball, retailing in the US for prices that start at $12,499. The Gunner can be yours for $12,999, while $13,349 can get you a High-Ball. The red Vegas will set you back with $13,499, while the Hammer S will leave your bank account $15,499 smaller.

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