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Friday, July 31, 2015

Brit firm makes 33 custom leathers for Mission Impossible

British leathers firm Hideout designed and handmade 33 sets of custom leathers for the Tom Cruise blockbuster Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation which has just been released.
The leathers were used by female lead Rebecca Ferguson while riding a BMW S1000RR and also by all of the others riding bikes as the enemies of Cruises’ character Ethan Hunt in the stunt scenes in the movie.
Hideout’s Kate Jennings worked with the movie’s costume designer Johanna Johnston to create a whole range of custom made leather suits for those in the film stunt scenes. Originally 18 were ordered but this ended up being a total of 33 needed for the various filming sequences.
Johnson costume designer for High Command Production Ltd  said "Dealing with a British based manufacturer made the job so much easier". Kate and Johanna worked together on the designs for all the suits, many of which were adaptations of Hideouts current two-piece suits. 
Kate Jennings added: “For Rebecca Ferguson, the leading lady, a sexy version of Hideout's Xtreme Ladies One-piece suit was developed. Also for Rebecca's suit Hideout used the skills of Chris of Lucidsynergie a local graphic design company who laser cut a beautiful intricate leather design for the back of the suit.”
Kate was on call for weekly visits to the Warner Brother studios in Watford for the fittings for all the stunt guys plus their doubles. She said: "The whole experience was amazing, another world. It was so interesting to see the working studios and to be involved was an honour.
"The trickiest part in designing the suits was working out with the stunt guys how and where to put the attachments for their guns! Not a normal integral part of a motorcycle suit."
Hideout are a local all-girl family run company that manufacture and retail off the peg and bespoke motorcycle clothing in Ashdon near Saffron Walden in Essex.

Source: MCN
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