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Monday, July 27, 2015

Delhi’s Biking Groups to Know, and Catch a Ride With

Even though their arrival onto any scene is un-silenced, we have to admit that we are ignorant of the growing biking sub-culture in the city. Although aware of the presence of bikers, we’ve always put it down to yet another hobby. Biking clubs across the city are bringing together people with a passion for bikes and biking, to form a brotherhood. If you’re looking to start to ride, or are shopping for a group to ride with, check out LBBD’s club listing.

G.O.D.S – Group of Delhi Superbikers

Founded in 1998, G.O.D.S was set up by surgeon and super-bike fanatic Dr Arun Thareja as a 2-member club. Having grown tremendously over the last 16 years, the club’s main focus is safe riding. It welcomes any new disciple who has has a super-bike and upholds the prerequisites of proper training and effective safety gear. G.O.D.S promotes a sense of mutual respect between owner and bike. They also host an annual adventurous biking trip across the country, and public get-togethers for biking clubs around the city.
Where: 8/80, Punjabi Bagh West
Contact: email at gods.co.in@gmail.com
Membership: Free; members need to be 25 years and above, have a bike of 600 cc and above 1 year riding experience on said bike.
For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

India Bull Riders  Royal Enfield and Vintage Classic Motorcycle Club

Started in 2007 and formerly known as Delhi Bull Riders, IBR has grown significantly over the last 6 years, and across 6 cities. Open to all, the club has no fees and just asks you to commit yourself to the IBR fraternity and represent the brotherhood. If you’re shopping for a group ride and/or a riding partner, you can enlist with them and they’ll hook you up.
Contact: Join the Facebook group here
Membership: Free; Members are required to be 18 years of age, license holders, and regulars in the club
For more details, visit their website here.

Batch of Soul Superbikers {BOSS}

Smaller and lesser known, BOSS or Batch of Soul Super bikers is a community based on camaraderie and friendship. BOSS is open to anyone with a bike over 600cc, and all you have to do is get in touch with them. They also cover popular Delhi trails, and promote safe riding with helmets and other essential gear.
For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

Harley Owner’s Group {HOG}

If you hadn’t already guessed, HOG is a very exclusive biking group; it only includes Harley Davidson owners. Buying one of these machines ensures membership, rights to a members-only website, newsletters, and a platform to meet other HOGs from around the world. HOG has become more of a cult over the years, courtesy the status symbol the Harley Davidson brings with it. Popular HOG trails around Delhi include the Delhi-Faridabad route via Gurgaon, central Delhi {areas around the Rashtrapati Bhavan}, and on a special Sunday, a Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi ride that starts at 5.30am.
Find more information about processes here. 
For more details, visit their website here.

Born 2 Ride

Born 2 Ride is a group of like-minded people who share a passion for bikes and riding. Started as a 9 member strong club, they dabbled in many a Sunday ride before naming their crew one morning over breakfast in Alwar {they rode there}. Ever since, they’ve grown steadily, sharing an intense passion for bikes.
For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

Free Souls Rider

A diverse group of bikers under one banner, they’ve steadily grown to 800 members over 1 year. Huge advocates of safe riding, traffic laws and regulations, they have four key principles: respect, safety, fun and ride. They organise a lot of breakfast rides along regular Delhi routes, and host biking events. FSR also got featured in the Limca Book of World Records for the First Motorcycle Expedition to the World’s Highest Motorable Road – Mana Pass.
Contact: Fill form here. or call +91 9711462005. You can also email them at souls.r.free@gmail.com orsupport@freesoulsrider.com
For more details, visit their website here.

Royal Mavericks – Delhi Royal Enfield Riders Group

Image courtesy KD Singh Chauhan
Dedicated entirely to the Royal Enfield, the 375-member community was started by impassioned riders who all share a monogamous relationship with the Royal Enfield, regardless of model or make. They ride for social causes, community awareness, as weekend escapes, and also do breakfast runs in and around the city. If you’re a Royal Enfield owner looking to ride, contact them to get a piece of the fun.
Contact: royalmavericks.riders@gmail.com
For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run

DBBR is an all-inclusive, inter-club, no-strings-attached community that does breakfast rides {you ride out to a dhabafor breakfast and ride back into the city}. No matter what brand of bike you own, or club you belong to, DBBR bridges the gap between different groups and allows anyone to join their rides.
For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

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