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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Honda Livo is the new avatar of the CB Twister

Honda had recently discontinued the CB Twister and now the Livo will be making its way. The Livo will be powered by an 110cc single-cylinder engine that will be producing about 9bhp ofpower and will come mated to a four-speed transmission. The Livo is based on the Twister platform.
We had recently done a story that the CB Twister will be back. It will come in a new avatar called as “Livo”. Hero is strong in the 100-110cc segment and Honda wants to break into that segment.Honda has an array of bikes in the 110cc segment, but it is mostly the rural market where thesebikes have a strong hold.
“The Livo is made on the Twister platform, and Honda has renamed it and even stylised it,” stated a Honda dealer, who doesn’t wish to share his identity. Honda is looking at getting into the 100cc segment too, but with the Livo it has increased the fuel efficiency. The front is likely to get a disc brake, while the rear will have drum. The Honda Livo will also have a self-starter as well. This bikewill return at least 70-75km/l. the other two products that will be making a comeback in a new avatar will be the CB Trigger and the CB Dazzler.
Source: http://motoroctane.com/news/15094-honda-livo-is-the-new-avatar-of-the-cb-twister
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