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Friday, July 31, 2015

Theft Prevention? Paint it Orange!

When Painting Your Bike Bright Orange Is the Only Way to Make Sure Thieves Won't Steal It

Even though you won't find any hardcore stuff in the video below, the story behind it is rather disturbing. A Brazilian motorcyclist buys a brand new Yamaha Tenere and decides to change its paint before he hits the road.
Even though they are not exactly spectacular, the new Tenere machines look very neat, and the color scheme they come in have been carefully chosen by Yamaha to be both pleasant and sporty. Well, it looks like in Sao Paulo, having a bike that looks too good, especially a brand new one, is more of a downside.

We here understand a bit of Portuguese so we could translate the guy commentary. The sadness in his voice crosses language barriers and pretty much anyone can understand that the chap is not too happy with the move.

He says that he doesn't fancy the idea of having his zero-km Tenere 660 being stolen. "Unfortunately," he adds, "the police and the government do nothing to stop theft. I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. Too bad, because Brazil could be one of the greatest countries in the world."

A bright, fluorescent orange bike can't pass unnoticed
Even though the bike had zero kilometers on it, the owner first sprayed a coat of white paint on it, to make the next orange layer even brighter and the harder to miss on the street.

"Thieves don't like to work," the Sao Paulo rider adds, knowing that such a bike will rank much lower on the list of potential hits for thieves. They should repaint the bike first to make it less conspicuous, but this would mean quite a hassle, and far from the easy money thieves are after.

Even though a Yamaha Tenere painted in "KTM orange" is a most uncanny sight no matter where in the world, this bike doesn't look completely wrong. Black "speed blocks" could have been a much better choice for adorning the bike, but there is still time to fix that.

Source: AutoEvolution

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