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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yamaha may get the Majesty S scooter to India

Yamaha will be launching multiple higher-cc scooters in India. The company will be introducing the 125cc Majesty S and the 150cc NMax or SMax too. The Japanes two-wheeler manufacturer had recently launched the Fascino scooter and the Saluto (its 125cc motorbike) as well. It has plans to increase its two-wheeler sales not just with a new 100cc bike that is planned for next year.
The focus won’t just for 100cc motorbikes but even 125cc and 150cc scooters as well. Yamaha is looking at increasing its scooter market too. With the Fascino it is targeting trendy scooter buyers and with the other two scooters will be entering the premium scooter segment, which isn’t explored much in India. There used to be a Kinetic Blaze, but there are no more products available in this range.
Yamaha has imported these scooters for R&D, and our sources state that the company is working to reducing the manufacturing cost to make it a viable business deal and so that Yamaha could make a new scooter segment and these will be the scooters that many will upgrade from 110cc. We had previously reported for the SMax and NMax scooters.
Source: http://motoroctane.com/news/15067-yamaha-looking-at-getting-majesty-s-scooter-to-india

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