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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Zec00 brings sci-fi to electric bikes

The new Zec00 is the wet dream of a child’s sci-fi fantasy. Unlike most electric motorcycle ideas, the Zec00 is using a motor from California’s Zero Motorcycles, with proven technology that is readily available and which more importantly actually works, to produce an electric motorcycle that is more than just simply a concept.

With its odd looks heralded as being suited to the machines unique electronic architecture, the bike features a hub centre steering mechanism with a vertical twin frame, designed to accommodate the battery’s weight to allow the rider to maintain steering ability without changing the rider’s posture.

It’s not too short of speed for the roads either, with a claimed top speed of 99mph and 144nm of torque. It offers plenty of usability every day with a claimed range of 99 miles, which should get you around comfortably on an average trip.
Just don’t look to go touring on it as you’ll be waiting a while at pit stops, with the battery taking four hours from a 200 volt terminal, eight hours if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself drawing juice from a 100 volt plug.

Each motorcycle is handmade and customisable to each customer’s individual requirements, with a limited total production run of only 49 machines; however, the bike has a hefty starting price of 8,880,000 yen which is about £49,000. So you’ll need pretty deep pockets if you’re going to get one.

Source: MCN & www.Zecoomotor.com
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