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Thursday, August 20, 2015

All Indian Motorcycles with Remus Exhausts


Indian Motorcycle announces a new phase in their development, with the addition of custom-engineered Remus exhaust silencers. The Austrian exhaust specialists have developed these cans to be a direct, plug and play replacement for the stock silencers.

This ensures perfect compliance between the bikes' engines and the response of the exhaust for increased riding pleasure. Of course, like in the case of any premium exhaust system, the Remus cans also come with a distinct tonal signature that will add to the head-turning effect of the cruisers.

Remus cans are available on either chrome or black, depending on the model. Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, Chief Dark Horse, Chieftain, Roadmaster and Scout, they all can now be upgraded with new silencers. And to make things even neater, these cans also represent one of the epitome of Austrian exhaust manufacturing, as Remus is celebrating their 25th anniversary.

"We have put special attention on a maximum street-legal sound"
Remus Chief Technical Officer Bernd Kresch is quite happy with the collaboration with Indian. “We have put special attention on a maximum street-legal sound while using the best materials for the new look. The Remus sound will increase your riding pleasure even more,” he adds.

The silencers fit perfectly onto the factory headers and no modifications are required to have them installed. Indian says that the new Remus exhausts will also endow the Thunder Stroke 111 with more torque in the middle of the rpm range. Unfortunately, neither Indian nor Remus provided exact figures or prices at the time of writing so we will have to wait some more.

Indian Chief Classic and Chief Vintage bikes get both chrome and black cans, whereas the Chief Dark Horse can only be upgraded with black Remus silencers. The Chieftain, Roadmaster, and the Scout, on the other hand, can only receive chrome upgrades.

For further details, contact your nearest Indian dealer and ask about these part numbers:

Remus Chief Classic / Chief Vintage Chrome p/n 2880864-156
Remus Chief Classic / Chief Vintage Black p/n 2880864-463
Remus Chief Dark Horse Black p/n 2880864-463
Remus Chieftain / Roadmaster Chrome p/n 2880863-156
Remus Scout EXH Chrome p/n 2881317-156.

Source: Autoevolution
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