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Monday, August 10, 2015

Aspiring Owner Takes Mahindra Mojo To Highest Motorable Road In The World

The wait is over! Well actually, the wait for the wait is over. We have our own intel that the production of Mahindra Mojo has commenced indeed, and is slowly building momentum. In a few weeks weeks, the long, long-awaited entry-level performance tourer will start being manufactured at full swing, at Mahindra’s two-wheeler plant in Pithampur, Indore.

But that’s not the hottest news here. Probably for the first time by any motorcycle maker ever (at least in India), Mahindra Two Wheelers has given its showroom-spec Mojos to a limited number of aspiring customers, to receive their first impressions and feedbacks. This very unique (prospective) customer trial is not on a short term basis of an hour or so. The people who are testing these first batch of Mahindra Mojos are all students or working professionals during weekdays and hardcore riders or tourers during weekends. They are the exact kind of people MTWL will be targeting Mojo at, so who better to judge or give a final word on the vehicle to the management? More interestingly, these final test riders who can be called Mojo aspirants, are all current owners of touring bikes (like Honda CBR 250R and Royal Enfield Thunderbird) which the Mojo will compete with, starting next month.
That’s right, we have intel thatlaunch of Mahindra Mojo is slated for the end of August, 2015, and this time you can take our word for it. Reason for this seemingly ineffable delay is the Indian auto giant being determined to get the product absolutely right the very first time, for which they didn’t mind taking some heat from the public and media. Their sight was set on offering a commendable tourer, and very apparently the company didn’t rush its launch just because the fans wanted it earlier.

This final trial, involving providing the bikes to riders from various parts of the country, has been happening for a few weeks, with each rider given the chance to push the Mojo to as many thousands of kilometres as they could or wished to, before they came up with their reports/feedbacks. This is seemingly a “marketing confidence building” process, putting their first ever big displacement product through external testing / audit, after the in-house riders have belted the bikes out for years together, across the length and width of the country (remember, Mojo had been spied in several diverse locales, from Himalayas (Leh-Ladakh) to Chennai & Madurai in Tamil Nadu?).

Anywho, be prepared to welcome the homegrown tourer next month, and expect the media ride of Mahindra Mojo to be conducted in last week of July, 2015; which is when we will get a chance to find out what Mahindra Mojo is really made of, and come up with a comprehensive review.

And, another thing, Mahindra may have earlier decided to price the Mojo very aggressively, in the vicinity of Rs. 1.5 lakhs (ex-showroom), but given the inflation and further time taken, we can expect the Mojo 300 to be priced somewhere around Rs. 1.75 lakhs.
We know at least two colours will be offered in Mahindra Mojo, full black with golden accents and a sporty red & white, similar to the model that was showcased at Delhi Auto Expo. We believe there will be more colours on the brochure, and a small premium (in terms of price) for the red-white sport variant which ICB caught first, testing without camouflage.

Photos courtesy of one of the prospective customers / test riders, who has ridden the Mojo for over 2,000 km already. In addition to the above, a new video had emerged via Facebook, in which one of the test riders seemingly begrudgingly revs the engine up to demonstrate the engine sound. Watch here:

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