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Friday, August 28, 2015

Bosch introduces new range of spare parts for motorcycles

German auto component manufacturer Bosch has introduced its new range of high-quality spare parts, workshop equipment for diagnoses, servicing and repairs to meet the increasing demand for motorcycles globally.

According to studies, the annual production of two wheelers will raise to more than 160 million units until 2021 - that is, about a third more than today. Bosch's expanded range of products is aligned with the specific requirements of two wheelers, the company said in a statement.

Bosch M Li-ion ultra light motorcycle battery has been designed to cope with the extreme operating conditions of sport bikes and racing motorcycles. It features deep-cycle resistance higher than lead-acid batteries. It does not contain any acid, is leak-proof and can thus be installed in any position, and is maintenance-free. In Germany, it will be available from November 2015 onwards.

In comparison to conventional halogen bulbs, Bosch's new Gigalight halogen bulb provides up to 120 percent more light on the road. Used in motorcycle headlights, Gigalight Plus 120 increases the visibility and thus also the safety when driving at night or under bad weather conditions.

Due to high engine torque, spark plugs used in motorcycle engines have to cope with extremely heavy strains. Bosch spark plugs for two-wheelers are thus designed for temperatures exceeding 1,000 C and high pressures within the combustion chamber.

Moreover, two-wheeler workshops need test systems and software for ECU diagnosis, maintenance and repair. Based on the Esitronic 2.0 workshop-software package, Bosch therefore developed Esitronic Bike specifically for two-wheeler workshops.

The software includes common European and Asian motorcycle makes and runs on Bosch KTS-series diagnostic testers. Together with the ECU diagnosis, the workshop is thus provided with any required data and information about the electrical components installed on the motorcycle. Regular updates make sure the data is always up-to-date and includes new models as well.

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