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Monday, August 10, 2015

EBR is BACK! Plans Revealed

Post the sale of Eric Buell Racing there is one question which has been bugging all fans – what’s going to happen to the company, now that it is owned by some metal makers which do not appears to have any known connect with machinery! The answer to this very important question has started coming out and what we see is a bright ray of light at the end of the tunnel!
Bruce Belfer, the New Jersey based CEO of Atlantic Metals Group (the new owner of EBR) has broken silence on the matter to reveal that they will be reopening contacts with company suppliers, customers and dealers this week. Speaking on motorcycles, he told a Business Journal thatproductions will follow soon after they have renewed contacts with suppliers.
The report further adds that Bruce Belfer will be the CEO of EBR now while Eric Buell, the maker of the brand, will continue to be the President. Belfer further added:
“There’s not a single piece of machinery that I don’t have or can’t buy. EBR is people, skilled people, craftsmen and innovators. That’s what I was buying. Everything else I can buy at the store.”
The company will continue to be based in Wisconsin itself and is expected to remain there for quite some time. Atlantic Metals Group bought EBR in a court approved auction which did not see any competitive bids on August 5, 2015. Now, does this mean a complete revival of EBR..? Has Hero lost something…?
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