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Monday, August 24, 2015

Royal Jordanian's Bike Stolen - Video

Online motovlogger Royal Jordanian has just published a video rant telling the story of how his motorcycle was stolen. As we are well aware that motorcycle theft is quite common in the UK, it's disturbing to learn that his machine went missing while parked in the driveway of a friend's house.
Royal Jordanian says that he was paying a short visit to one of his friends and only spent 10 to 15 minutes inside the friend's house. He left his Husqvarna Nuda 900R parked in the driveway and unsuspectingly entered the house.

Upon returning to the driveway he saw that his Husky had been stolen. He called the police and received help from two nearby cruisers. The cops even allowed Royal Jordanian to ride his Grom in pedestrian areas in the neighborhood in search for a clue as to the whereabouts of his Husqvarna.

Needless to say, the bike was nowhere to be found, and neither he nor the cops were able to find anything that would offer the slightest clue that would lead to finding the machine.

The bike is immobilized and restarting it needs authorized service work

Royal Jordanian searched in the area for some two and a half hours, but to no avail. If you are the type of over-sensitive guy, you might feel offended by the rather strong language of the author, otherwise, a most eloquent motovlogger with good oratorical skills.

Still, given the fact that the Nuda 900R is currently a discontinued model (and therefore, hard to get), and that Royal Jordanian LOVED his bike fiercely, we guess this is not a matter we should pick on.

As to what will become of the Husky is anyone's guess. The bike has an electronic immobilizer with a dedicated RFID chip in the key, and starting the machine is impossible. Even in the eventuality that someone thought of replacing the ignition, this would require replacing the whole instrument cluster and then taking the Nuda 900R to a Husqvarna dealer to program the bike ECU to recognize the new keys.

If sold for parts, Royal Jordanian estimates that the thieves could probably get as much as 300 GBP, which is the equivalent of $470 or €420. Quite a small sum considering the risks these fellows put themselves in, in case Royal Jordanian would catch them red-handed.

Hear Royal Jordanian's rant and enjoy the sound of the Husqvarna Nuda 900R in the last ride before being stolen. It goes without saying, that if you live in the London, UK area and have some info on the bike, your help will be appreciated. Funny thing, UK has the most advanced theft-deterring system in the world, theDatatag MASTER.

Source: Autoevolution
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