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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Motoday 2015 Riders celebrate in Lavasa

About a 100 motorcyclists thundered into India’s largest lake city, Lavasa to celebrate World Motorcycling day, which falls on the 21st of June.

21st of June is more commonly know to everyone as the longest day in the year to everyone, but for motorcycle enthusiasts it is known as world World Motorcycling day. This year at Lavasa a hill station near Pune about a 100 motorcyclists gathered together to celebrate this spirit of biking. Hosted at Lavasa International Convention Center, Lavasa, MotoDay 2015 brought together motorcycling enthusiasts from across the country to celebrate the free spirit of motorcycling. Conceived as a common platform for motorcycle aficionados to share the love of riding, the event featured riders from across the country congregating at the beautiful city of Lavasa. The starting point of the ride as a part of the ‘Moto Day’ event was Chandni Chowk in Pune, from where the bikers covered a distance of around 50 kms to reach their destination at lake side city.

There were many biking groups that took part in this event, as there was no restriction to any particular type of bike that could participate. So all different biker groups and clubs took part like the ‘Road Shakers’, ‘Brotherhood of Bikers Club’, Firelords, Rubber Smokin Angels, Roadshakers and the Bikernis. 
The meeting point for all the riders was Convention Centre at Lavasa where all the bikes were parked as per which manufacture they belonged to. It was pretty evident that the manufacture with the strongest showing was Royal Enfield and a close second was those bright Orange KTM bikes. Other manufacture’s like triumph and Ducati were also present and had their bikes on display.

Riders then were then treated to some vintage bikes on display and well as some tales and biking experiences form veteran riders. Also at the event there were many aftermarket suppliers who had their products on display in stalls. Overall the event was a good success as bikers got together and exchanged stories and experiences and spread the awareness of motorcycling.
Source: Zeeignition

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