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Friday, August 14, 2015

Suzuki to replace Inazuma with GSR250F

Older news from April but worth a read - 

The Suzuki Inazuma was a perfect motorcycle in every way. It had a comfortable riding position, and the twin cylinder motor meant refinement was the best in its class. It was nowhere as fast as the KTM, but it was never meant to be. Sadly the Inazuma was not manufactured in India and this meant that the assembled unit was costing higher than what it should be. Suzuki was selling it at a loss by slashing the price by ₹1 lakh to create demand. Though that may have helped clear inventory, when time came to order another batch of units to be locally assembled, Suzuki decided against it.

Though the company pulled the Inazuma listing off its Indian website, Suzuki still maintains that the model has not been discontinued.

We liked the Inazuma for its ease of use, but there were many mixed opinions about the styling. Surely, at an asking price of ₹2.4 lakh (on road), most buyers also expected a fairing, which would not just add to the looks, but also keep the wind-blast at bay.

Suzuki intends to give its trusty tourer another shot at the ever-growing Indian segment, albeit with a few changes this time. First, the Inazuma will be manufactured in India rather than assembled, which should keep costs in check. Secondly, it might sport a fairing and be rebranded as the Suzuki GSR250F.

Though a fairing might add the required appeal, the manufactured motorcycle will cost around the same as the current bike, at ₹2.4 lakh, on road – an attractive deal when you consider the add-ons it comes with. Our sources tell us the Suzuki GSR250F will be launched around the third quarter of this year. Let's hope things are on track and we don't have to wait any longer.

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