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Monday, August 3, 2015

Women wanted for world record attempt

UP TO 600 women are gathering for a world record attempt for the largest female bike gathering in one place.
Women from across the UK and Ireland will be converging on London's Ace Café on August 16 for the record attempt.
Organisers said they already have enough women confirmed to beat the record but that more women are always welcome to help smash the record. Last year 221 Australian women on 190 bikes set a group riding record.
'We're calling all female motorcyclists to attend and be a part of creating an Official World Record for the largest all female rider meet. Whatever you ride, all women are welcome,' said organiser Sherrie Woolf.
The record attempt is the brainchild of bikers Nimisha Patel and Woolf and intends to raise awareness of the increasing number of women riding motorcycles, particularly for bike and clothing manufacturers to improve their women's ranges.
'The female section is usually lacking in options and often the quality is lesser than the male counterparts. Sizing is also a huge problem that could be resolved with quite simple solutions. It’s time to realise that women are no longer just sitting on the back of the men’s bikes, we’re buying our own and using them for touring, off-roading, track days and commuting, just like the guys.' said Sherrie Woolf.
There will be a charity fund raising raffle, with prizes including Moto GP tickets, bike services, tyres, biketime suspension set up, workbench time, Motorcycle Maintenance training courses and Ace Café goodies. The beneficial charity is The Hospice of The Valleys, supported by the Circuit of Wales.
TT racer Maria Costello will be leading a ride to the Ace Café from BMW Wollaston for the event.
Source: Visordown
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