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Thursday, September 3, 2015

BikeHUD Generation 2 Adventure System Announced, Teams Up with Premier Helmets

BikeSystems are working hard to deliver their second generation of BikeHUD, the "Adventure" model. Now, don't get your hopes too high, they are not going to reveal a HUD system dedicated to adventure riders, this is only a name. Still, you'll be thrilled to learn that the BikeHUD actually got better.
The most important upgrade over the initial version is the form factor. Even though a cool add-on for the technology-enthusiast riders, the first edition of the BikeHUD was rather bulky. BikeSystems have done a great job creating a sleeker and slimmer design that also comes with better technology.

Just like the first generation, BikeHUD Gen2 Adventure is said to maintain the objective of not impeding the rider's field of vision. Thanks to the new size, shape and the revised mounting hardware, the BikeHUD can now seamlessly work with any helmet, full-face, open, and modular ones alike. And it can also be easily installed in the left or the right side of the helmet, according to each rider's preferences.

Navigation, bike data and phone in one place
BikeHUD can be equipped with add-on front and rear-facing cameras, and can interface with any existing Bluetooth sound system. Using a dedicated smartphone app, the system can relay various navigation information, such as speed, route, hazards, safety camera, weather and traffic info.

BikeSystems also partnered with Italian manufacturer Premier Helmets, the pioneers of full-face motorcycle helmets. Premier will aid BikeSystems in engineering better integration for the BikeHUD with existing helmet designs.

“ADVENTURE” represents the evolution of augmented reality for bikers. We’ve built upon the masses of feedback gained from our original BIKEHUD. Essentially this is technology for bikers, by bikers. Interest by respected forward-thinking companies like PREMIER means everyone benefits, the question left to ask, is where are you going to travel with yours?” adds Dave Vout, BikeSystems Managing Director.

Also, if you live in a part of the world that allows you to travel a lot during the winter, you can also register to become a test rider for the BikeHUD Adventure. If you think you can put 1,000 miles (1,609 km) or more on your bike between November 2105 and February 2016, you should drop BikeSystems a line at contact@bike-hud.com and get to install the BikeHUD in your helmet, to put the Gen2 Adventure system through its paces.
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