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Friday, September 4, 2015

Harley owners to participate in 4th Southern H.O.G. Rally

Harley-Davidson owners and their families are all set to thunder down the streets of Kochi as they come together for the 4th Southern H.O.G. Rally, from September 11-13, 2015.
Over the years, the Southern H.O.G. Rallies have seen a phenomenal growth in the participation, from 200 H.O.G. members in the 1st edition in Hampi, to more than 1000 Harley owners participating in the 4th edition, making it the biggest zonal H.O.G. Rally till date.
Harley riders from all across the 15 chapters in India will come together from as far as Chandigarh, New Delhi and Jaipur, covering thousands of kilometers to celebrate their love for open roads and adventure. 
Every year Harley owners cover thousands of kilometers to win the prestigious ‘Big 5’ Patch. The patch is annually awarded to riders who complete all four zonal rallies and the national H.O.G. rally in Goa, within the year, commending them on their passion and spirit for riding and spanning thousands of kilometers across the country in a year.
The 4th Southern H.O.G. Rally will mark the 2nd zonal H.O.G. Rally of the year, and witness hundreds of aspiring riders vying for the patch.
“Spice Coast Chapter Kochi is proud to host the 4th Southern HOG rally. There has been a strong demand within the fraternity to choose a venue in Kerala and it’s exciting that we could manage to pull it off at Kochi. H.O.G. Rallies are a great way for the owners to ride together and form lifelong bonds over their mutual love for freedom and self-expression. The owners keep inspiring and motivating us with their sheer camaraderie and we hope that we give them an amazing and memorable experience.” said Jose EP, Director, Spice Coast Chapter Kochi.
Harley-Davidson’s zonal rallies are conducted at regular intervals throughout the year for customers to meet, ride and experience adventure, self-expression and freedom. Increasingly, more and more Harley owners are eager to take out time from their busy schedules to participate in the H.O.G. Rallies. 
Source: Zigwheels 
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