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Friday, September 11, 2015

Infento Kits for KIDS – Video

You know how they make Lego kits that can sometimes change shape? Well, if you have not seen them on the shelves, you surely heard of brick enthusiasts building their own from scratch. The creators of this device want to make sure you will not buy a different kiddie ride for your child every time he grows up. Instead, You have one that changes accordingly.  

Based on an Idea Two Designers had a Couple of years ago, Infento offers Unique Kits Allow that both the parent and the Kid rides Together to Build Real constructible. Not only will each ride adapt according to your son's age, but it will also make for some great parent-child time, therefore allowing you to become a maker instead of a consumer. Saving Money, offering children a Technical Skill SET for the Future and getting a Sustainable and Durable Concept arguments are also on the list.  

The Company is currently Looking for backers on Kickstarter but Claims to have a Lot of versions available. They now Offer Three Kits and Two Add-ons, which in total Allow 18 cool rides to be built out of just one Main Assortment.  

The First in line is the Junior Kit, which offers a total of Six rides for Little Ones between 0 and. five years old. We're talking about things such as a walker, scooter, balance bike, balance trike, balance carrier and a tricycle. A regular pledge for this packet You Will cost $ 300. The Creator Kit Three Will Add another to the previous models while the Master Creator Model Kit Adds another Two on top of that.  

As to the Add-ons, one is Called the Junior Snow. and lets You create Four glides for children from 0 to 7. years. The Other is the Big Snow, which, on the Other Hand, offers Eight glides including a Supersledge, Icebreaker, and Two Skibocks.  

Depending on How the Kickstarter campaign Works out, the Team also wants to Add an optional Battery that one could Add on. to any of the vehicles mentioned above. Still, we have to admit this kit is quite impressive and we're pretty sure it would make for a hell of a present. 

Source: Autoevolution
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