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Monday, September 28, 2015

New Big-Bore Yamaha Fazer Rumored to Derive Straight from the R1

Yamaha is steadily changing its fleet, one series at a time or even ditching several models from a market, hinting about what the future may bring. The latest rumors from Iwata see the advent of a new Fazer, largely based on the new-generation R1 bikes.
To make things even more interesting, some say that the new sporty tourer has been ready for some time now, but Yamaha purposely delayed it to avoid clashing with the new MT bikes, and especially the MT-09 Tracer we recently tested.

The name of the new bike is yet one more thing of mystery, and Fazer 1000 and FZ1 seem like two of the possible ones. If any of this turns out to be true, then Yamaha is really getting better and better at keeping their project secret. And with some of the F-machines disappearing from certain markets, we do believe there are changes coming our way.

The new YZF-R1 would serve as platform for the new sporty tourer
Yamaha is rumored to use or have used the new R1 platform as the basis upon which the new Fazer relies. This means that the Fazer will sport the crossplane engine, though most likely in a detuned trim expected to produce at least 150 horsepower.

Still, in case Iwata wants to rock the boat in the segment and deliver a sport-adventure machine that can stand a real chance against the might BMW S1000XR, maybe the power will tap into the 165-175 hp. 

At the same time, the suspensions are most likely to be changed. The ones on the R1 have almost nothing in common with touring, so we could take a wild guess and indicate the dynamic ones on the FJR1300, which are way better for the purpose.

Other touring amenities can also be expected, alongside a new design, also based on the lines of the new R1 machine. There is not much time left until the manufacturers won't be able to keep the goodies destined to show up at EICMA secret, and frankly, the perspective of a liter-class sport-adventure Yamaha is quite thrilling!

Source: Autoevolution
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